WELCOME to Porminus LLC!

Based on a 20 year long private entrepreneurship in cleaning Porminus LLC was established in 2010. To serve the growing demands and to widen activities have led to an up to date technology and trained personnel that meets the strict quality standards and the effectiveness of cleaning services.

Please be informed on activity and services we offer to our customers.

All our activities and services listed below are available for private persons as well as businesses (including industrial manufacturing customers) in both homeland and foreign countries.

  • Total or partial cleaning or heavy cleaning in apartments, residential and weekend houses.
  • Any type of cleaning work in any facilities (apartments, offices, workshops, etc.).
  • Heavy cleaning after painting and renovation.
  • Window cleaning (included office and industrial buildings).
  • Cleaning offices or other premises on regular contract base.
  • Carpet cleaning with wet cleaning technology on the spot.
  • Furniture cleaning with and without upholster included fabric style furniture.
  • Cleaning with special chemicals to kill dust spiders.
  • Frontage cleaning of the buildings with super-pressure washer.
  • Garage cleaning with super-pressure washer.
  • Garden cleaning with super-pressure washer.
  • Pool cleaning with super-pressure washer.
  • Debris and garbage carrying with containers.

Should you have more information and/or actual requirement from us please do not hesitate to contact

Porminus LLC
Mobil phone: +36-20/3536762
E-mail: porminus@porminus.hu